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Grandpa Nabs Daughter-In-Law with GPS Locator

Posted by grandpagowild on June 5, 2008

My son and his wife, Jenny, have been married about 6 years and they are the parents of my grandchildren, McKenzie age 6, and Kaitlyn age 19 months.   I always feel like I need to tell people about Jenny’s past.  I guess she comes with a disclaimer and perhaps she deserves one. 

Jenny grew up in a foster home.  Her mother was “white trailer trash”.  The kind of person you would see on Cops explaining why she slashed her boyfriend with a paring knife while the cameras are showing the half smoked roaches and the crack pipes in the ash trays.   You know, the boyfriend is hand cuffed, his shirt is off showing multiple homemade tats and he still wears a mullet.  Her mother’s 100 lbs over weight wearing a tube top with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.   Dirty kids are running around the trailer barefoot and crying.   Anyway, you get he picture.  Let’s just say Jenny’s mother neglected her.

Now Jenny has a history of cheating on my son.  I have caught her twice with another man when my son was out of town.   I suspect there have been others as well.   I suspect that Jenny would sleep with any man that asked her.   I suspect this behavior has something to do with her mother.

I recently noticed a change in Jenny’s everyday routine and schedule.  She was picking up the kids late, and even staying out all night saying that her boss was paying her overtime to stay overnight at some elderly womans home.  Jenny is a nurse’s aide.   It’s insulting to me, that she apparently thinks Grandpa is stupid enough to believe this shit.   

What really put Grandpa into action was when she told everybody she was going to Texas to see her  mother and she took Kaitlyn with her.  Jenny was gone about 5 days and during that time she would never answer her cell phone.    Jenny can do whatever she wants to herself, but it’s a different story when she’s dragging Grandpa’s grand kids along with her.    Grandpa wants to know where his precious grand kids are at all times and he wants to know they are safe.   

After Jenny returned from the fake Texas trip, I purchased a GPS locating device.  It’s about the size of a pager and you can track it’s location 24X7 over the internet using google maps.   Grandpa glued two magnets to a piece of plexiglass and then zip tied the device to the plexiglass.  Grandpa placed the device under her car.  Check it out at  They actually sell these things at Petsmart for tracking your dog.

For the next couple of days it was kind of entertaining to  check on the whereabouts of Jenny’s car.   Eight am, shes at work,  7pm shes at her sisters, 10pm shes at home.  I was feeling powerful knowing that I could track her location and I also knew that the location of her lustful affair would stand out like a big zit.    

Then at 10am on her day off, there it was,  100 Kingscove Drive.    Again at 12 noon she’s still in the same location, 2pm – same location.  I switched over to satellite view on  google maps and bingo! It’s an apartment complex.    During this time my son, who works nights, was home asleep, McKenzie was at kindergarten and the baby was with Jenny.  I suspect the baby was at this location the entire 5 days they were supposedly in Texas as well.   Anyway, I decided to wait until I could track her to this location more than once which would make it difficult for her to explain. 

Later that night before going to bed I did a quick check and her car was at home.   Grandpa felt relieved and could get a good nights sleep knowing the grand kids were in their beds.  The next morning, before sunrise, I got up and checked her location again.  The website reported that the locator had ran out of power and was shut down.   I immediately jumped into the Grandpa mobile and went to her house to retrieve the locator and recharge it while she was asleep.   When I arrived her car was gone.    Oh shit!  Where the hell are my grand kids?   I then drove to the apartments at 100 Kingscove Drive, and there in the parking lot was Jenny’s car.  

I then thought, she must have slipped out in the night and left the children home alone,  so I drove back to her house.  When I arrived, my son had returned from working overnight and his car was in the driveway.  I yelled through the door, “are the kids there?”  He replied “No.”   “Do you know where Jenny is?”  He said, “She’s staying with her sister.”   I said, “No shes not, her car is at an apartment complex.”  My son said, “LET’S GO”.

When we got back to Jenny’s car at the apartment complex it was about 6am.  My son said, “Stop the car”, and he got out, unlocked Jenny’s car and got into the back seat.   I covertly backed the Grandpa mobile into a parking space about 50 yards away, turned off the engine and waited. 

About 30 minutes later, Jenny came walking out of the apartments with her cell phone to her ear.  She got into her car and started to back out of her parking space.   Suddenly, the car stopped, I believe that is  when she realized that my son was in the back seat.  BAM, she was caught!   A few moments later the car drove off and I tried to follow but she lost me at a stoplight.   I knew they were proabably fighting so I drove home and told the whole story to Grandma.  

Later, my son told me that she was talking to him on her cell phone when she was walking out of the apartment and getting into her car.   My son asked her, “where are you?”  She said, “I am at my sisters house having breakfast, where are you?”   He said, “I am in the backseat bitch.”  I guess she could not see my son in the backseat because her windows are tinted.  

Divorce papers have been filed and a restraining order was issued to prevent Jenny from taking Grandpa’s grand kids to strange places. 



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